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Changes to plat fee submittals


Beginning July 1, 2023, the County will require the entire plat review fee be paid upon sketch plat or preliminary plat submittal. Before submitting a paper copy of any plat for review, please send an electronic copy of the proposal to Karla Turman. She will let you know the fee amount to submit with the plat.

As a reminder:

• All submittals, including sketch submittals, will continue to need to be submitted on paper, plus an electronic copy. The paper copy is the official submittal. That includes sketch mark-ups from GIS or similar programs;

• For plats with more than one (1) subdivision type/lot line revision, plat review fees apply to each subdivision type/lot line revision;

• The fee paid will cover 3 reviews, including the initial sketch or preliminary plat. For additional reviews, an additional base fee will be due prior to further review;

• Additional fees may be due upon final plat approval, depending on changes made during the review process.

All questions or comments should be directed to:

Karla Turman,

Planner/ Subdivision Agent

(540) 745-9376


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