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You and Your County: A Guide for the Taxpayer

We are dedicated to serving you in a professional, efficient and courteous manner; and we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Melissa M. Keith
Treasurer, Floyd County
201 E. Main St Suite 4
Floyd, VA 24091

Please send all mail to:
P.O. Box 789 Floyd VA 24091

Phone: (540) 745-9357
Fax: (540) 745-9364

Regular Office Hours: 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.
Closed Holidays

    NEW THIS YEAR... Pay taxes online - CLICK HERE or call the toll free number at 1-(866) 570-9846


Payment Options:

In Person – Cash, check, credit cards, and money order payments may be made in our office.
By Mail – Check and money order payments may be mailed to Treasurer’s Office, P.O. BOX 789 Floyd VA 24091. Please make checks payable to Floyd County Treasurer’s Office.
By Phone (toll free number) – call Paymentus Corporation at 1-866-570-9846.

Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and rewards of credit card payments for taxes. In cooperation with Floyd County, Paymentus Corporation offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to pay taxes by telephone or directly over the Internet.

This service is safe, reliable and in accordance with all state and government regulations. In order to process your payment, Paymentus Corporation, the credit card service providers, charges a nominal convenience fee based on the amount of the transaction.

To pay by credit card call the toll free number 1-866-570-9846 or CLICK HERE to pay taxes by credit card over the Internet.

You will be asked to enter information such as:

  • The type of tax

  • A bill or invoice number

  • Your credit card information

  • The amount of the tax or fee payment

  • Your social security number (for state payments)

The system will:

  • Tell you the total of your payment including the appropriate fee

  • Obtain approval of the charge

  • Issue an onscreen confirmation number and a printable digital receipt. Confirmation is emailed to users who request it. The charge will also appear on your credit card statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line.

Information provided by Paymentus Corporation.


The Treasurer’s Office has compiled the following guidelines concerning our services and your obligations, this brief summary of state and local taxes should be especially informative to the new residents of our locality. We welcome your inquiries, and we want to assist you in any way possible.

History of the Office of Treasurer

The Treasurer is an elected official directly responsible to the citizens of the locality for the receipt and collection of revenue, the safekeeping of revenue, and the appropriate accounting for and disbursements of revenue. The Treasurer serves a four-year term at the will of the voters.


The governing body of our locality sets the tax rates for personal property and real estate taxes. Personal property is assessed as of January 1st each year by the Commissioner of Revenue, based on Loan Value per NADA Book. The assessment is based on vehicles in the taxpayer’s possession and normally garaged, parked, or stored in the locality as of January 1st. The assessment of real estate taxes is based on fair market value.

Real Estate Taxes

Real property is assessed as of January 1st each year. Real estate is due semi-annually on June 5th and December 5th. A late payment penalty of 10 percent or $10.00 which ever is greater will be added after June 5th and December 5th. Interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum will be added beginning June 6th and December 6th. Failure to receive a tax bill will not relieve you of the penalty and interest. If there is a change of the billing address or any change pertaining to your taxes notify the Treasurer’s Office. We will forward a copy of the tax bill to a mortgage company if the company requests it in writing at least 90 days before the payment is due.

Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Relief

Your County Government provides a tax relief program for the elderly, based on income and net worth. The Commissioner of Revenue administers this program, and applications must be filed yearly by April 1st.

Land Use Assessment

Taxpayers who are interested in participating can obtain information from The Commissioner of Revenue as to the qualifying acreage and specific application fees and deadlines.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal Property is assessed as of January 1st of each year by The Commissioner of Revenue. Our County levies a personal tax on the following kinds of personal property: automobiles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, trailers, campers, boats, airplanes and business personal property. Personal Property is due annually by December 5th. A late payment penalty of 10 percent will be added after December 5th; Interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum will be added beginning January 1st.

Dog Tags

All dogs four months old or older must have a County dog tag. The annual deadline for purchasing a dog license is January 31st; however tags are sold all year in the Treasurer’s Office. You must provide proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination. Dog tags are sold at a lower rate if the dog has been spayed or neutered, if it is not noted on the rabies certificate we will need to see proof from the veterinary’s office to give the discount price.

  • Spayed or neutered dogs $6.00

  • Other Dog tags $10.00

County Vehicle Decals


County of Floyd stopped selling decals on July 15, 2008. There will be a vehicle fee on your personal property tax bill.

Important Dates to Remember:

January 15 : State Estimated Taxes 4th Quarter

January 31 : Dog Licenses

May 1 : *State Income Filing and Payment & State Estimated Taxes 1st Quarter

June 5 : 1st half of Real Estate Tax Due

June 15 : State Estimated Taxes 2nd Quarter

September 15 : State Estimated Taxes 3rd Quarter

October 1 - November 1 : *Land Use filing

November 2 - December 31 : Lane Use Extension with late fee

December 5 : Personal Property & 2nd half Real Estate Tax Due

* For more information contact The Commissioner of Revenue (540) 745-9345

Questions? Need more information?

Melissa M. Keith , Treasurer (
Pam Stinnett, Chief Deputy (
Ciera Boyd, Deputy III (

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