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In case of an emergency, dial 911 

202 E Main St.

Floyd, Virginia 24091

Phone: (540) 745-9359

Fax: (540) 745-9305

Office Hours:


8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Emergency Management Coordinator
Kevin W. Sowers
(540) 745-9313

What is 911?

9-1-1 is the three-digit telephone number that has been designated as the “Universal Emergency Number” for public use throughout the country to report emergencies and request emergency assistance. The E9-1-1 System provides computer aided dispatch in which the caller’s name and address appear on the dispatcher’s screen when the emergency call is made. Emergency personnel responding to the call will be able to locate the residence or business quicker. The display of the caller’s address is especially important if the caller cannot communicate this information. The Floyd County 911 Center is equipped not only with computers that display the caller’s information but a map providing the exact location of the structure. Major components of developing the E9-1-1 System have been mapping the entire county, naming roads, assigning new 9-1-1 addresses to all habitable structures and installing road signs.

Code of Virginia allows localities to establish a tax on telephone bills in order to pay for the initial capital cost and installation of the system, as well as the continual maintenance and upgrade of the system. This is the approach localities in the state have taken in order to pay for E9-1-1. Based on the proposed budget for implementation, projected maintenance and upgrade, and the number of telephones in the county, the $3.00 per month fee was proposed as the amount needed to provide the necessary funding for this project.


Note: An address will not be issued for a property until a building permit is issued. Per Code of Ordinances for Floyd County,Section 62-53, “The Building Official shall assign proper numbers for houses and other public and commercial buildings under construction at the time of footer inspection by the Building Official.  Any existing structure with a phone line or safety line (DSL) will be addressed by the Building Official or Emergency Management Coordinator. Any structure on a permanent foundation not having a phone line will be considered for an address number at the discretion of the Building Official upon request of the property owner. Vacant property with no structures will not be provided an address number except that cemeteries, public or private, will be addressed with a full numerical, road name and cemetery name status. A map showing the assigned numbers shall be kept and maintained in the office of the Building Official and the E911 Coordinator.”

A key component of an Enhanced 9-1-1 system is structure identification. All habitable structures (residential, public, commercial, etc.) are required to have a 9-1-1 address, even if this will not be the mailing address. Rural route and box addresses are no longer assigned. The Emergency Management Office does addressing of new structures.


The Building Inspector does a GPS satellite reading for new structures when he does the footer or first inspection. The coordinates are used to address the new structures. New addresses, along with maps are mailed to the person whose name is on the building permit. These new addresses are also mailed to the Post Office that will be servicing that particular address.


House numbers must be displayed in accordance with a County Ordinance. The house number must be: At least three inches in height, visible from the driveway entrance, and visible from both directions.


Additionally, the house number must be shown on the rural mailbox and be visible to the carrier as he/she approaches. If two numbered structures share the same driveway, the number must be displayed at the driveway entrance and structure entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get an E-9-1-1 street address?

The first step to get an E-9-1-1 street address is to obtain a Building Permit from the County Department of Building Inspection. This permit is required to place a manufactured housing unit (mobile home) or construct a site-built structure. After you have your first inspection (or footer/electrical inspection if a manufactured home) you then will be given an address from the Emergency Services Department. The address along with a map of the area will be sent to you and the Post Office that serves the structure.

What qualifies naming a road?

Any drive with three or more residential or business structures using the drive is assigned an E-9-1-1 street name, regardless of whether it is a private or public street or road.

Why do I need an E-9-1-1 street address when I have a Post Office box?

You need an E-9-1-1 street address to apply for and receive telephone service. When anyone dials “9-1-1”, the street address where that call was made is instantly made available to dispatchers in the Floyd County’s Communications Center. The street address where the call was made determines which law enforcement, fire or rescue unit is sent to your location when you request emergency assistance.


Floyd County is now working with Everbridge,the worldwide leader in unified critical communications, to keep residents, staff and emergency personnel safe and informed with quick and reliable emergency notifications and public service announcements.

You have complete control over alerts and can choose the delivery method of your choice: text, email or phone call.

Click Here to Sign Up

Trouble Signing Up, Contact Kevin Sowers 540-745-9300

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Everbridge provides a unified critical communication suite that helps clients be better prepared, make better decisions, and respond quickly and confidently during disruptive events. When an incident happens, whether it’s a natural disaster or an IT service outage, we automate communications to ensure that the right messages get to the right people at the right time. Widely recognized by analysts as the market leader, Everbridge solutions are trusted by clients in all major industries and government sectors to connect with over 50 million people around the world. For more information about Everbridge, visit, read the company blog,, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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