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"Floyd is as much a state of mind as it is a destination!"

Brown Bear Mother and Cubs

Bear Outdoor Basics
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Directions & Maps

Floyd is just 35 minutes from Blacksburg, 45 minutes to Roanoke, less than 2 hours from Greensboro, NC, 2.5 hours from Charlotte, NC, and 4.5 hours to Fairfax County.

City Map with Braille


For more information on events in Floyd County, visit our friends at for all the up to date events! There is something going on every day in Floyd!

Festive Lights
Image by Tomáš Nožina

Major Attractions

Floyd is filled with amazing attractions, from wineries to mountains to music festivals, Floyd has it all!

Image by Kyle Glenn


There are so many beautiful places to stay in Floyd, our friends at Floyd Tourism have compiled an excellent list of Floyd's Accommodations!

Things to Do

Explore all that is Floyd, VA! Floyd is a haven known for its vibrant culture of music, arts, local foods and wines, and outdoor recreation.

Image by note thanun

Exploring SWVA

Southwest Virginia is a beautiful place to explore, from its beautiful mountain passes to rich culture.

Image by Justin Campbell


Floyd has a deep and rich history. From the 1700’s to now, as Americans still seek their own piece of ground, a better way of life, and a safe place to be, they continue to re-discover Floyd County.

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