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Full & Flex-time ALS & BLS

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If you are skilled in construction, maintenance, the trades, but want to turn your
attention to serving the community and even becoming earning a pension, we might
have the perfect next job for you!
This position has two primary areas of responsibility. First, they will serve as our skilled
maintenance workers, being responsible for the care and maintenance of the county
buildings and property. They are responsible for inspecting public buildings and
grounds, making sure they are safe and in good working order. This includes handling
maintenance tasks themselves and working with other staff and contractors as needed.
This may include light electrical work, light plumbing services, carpentry, masonry,
drywall, mechanical, painting, and other mechanical trades. Will also be responsible for
the removal of snow and treatment of icy surfaces. Some work on roofs and ladders will
be required. Placement of street signs throughout the county is also a part of this
In addition to handling maintenance work, this employee will work as a building official
technical assistant. In this role, they will assist the building official in conducting
inspections as requested, and work under their direct supervision. The employee is
expected to train for and pass the certification requirements to become a building code
enforcement officer.


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